Josh Finkelstein

Online Marketing Leader

Over the years Josh Finkelstein has been involved with online marketing initiatives in varying capacities., the personal website of Josh Finkelstein, is a place to learn more about Josh and his work in global digital marketing (among other things).

Happy New Year 2013!

With all the work Josh has stumbled into lately, it's becoming increasingly difficult to find time for him to update his personal website. That being said, many things are being considered and soon this site will include a complete biography, updated links to various sites and references, along with a blog as well. 2013 promises to be both entertaining and enlightening; "live hard, play hard" is sure to be the motto.

Josh Finkelstein works full time as an internet marketing professional for a global leader in online lending. Additionally, he works as a consultant for several firms looking to gain traction in search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and other online media buying.

Josh Finkelstein

The Ongoing Adventures of Josh Finkelstein

2012 was a year full of late nights and long flights. Pictured above: on a small plane to Victoria British Columbia.